Archive | September 2013

Research Project Draft Proposal

For my project I would like to ask the question “how has the increased access of digital media tools affected the criminal justice system”. This will include covering the new rising issue of citizens recording other citizens arrests, and following up with any consequences that follow all parties involved. I will do this through reading court documents on trials, watching videos posted, and even possibly contacting the civilians involved in the arrest to get primary incite on their first-hand experience with the matter. I will look at a variety of cases to follow any patterns in how the court system has handled the situation as well as the thought process behind the person who recorded the run in with the law.
With the rise of digital media it has been made possible to record any person’s every given move. The current justice system has enough criticism from society as it is, and with police officers every move being caught on camera just opens up more opportunity for attack. Given that most of our society’s law and justice procedures were written before cell phones even existed there seems to be a hard adjustment to integrating what is and is not legal while also finding a balance as to what is and is not ethical in these recording processes.
Ultimately the justice system serves to provide us with the safest and fairest society to live in. Police officer antics with minor offenses can be irritating such as a speeding or parking ticket, but what a lot of the irritated citizens do not realize is that more than not police officers do positive things that saves lives. They risk their own lives to protect ours, and it ultimately create the best possible living conditions for Americans as a whole. With all this being said hopefully I will be able to find any patterns that accompany the thought process behind recording arrests as well as the processes leading up to any legal consequences that follow.