In the city of Philadelphia there are so many helpful non profit orgainizations willing to help those in need.  A big problem is that not many people may have the right information to be able to utilize these organizations to it’s fullest capacity.  A big factor in this is the usability of the particular company’s website.  Three websites of non-profit organizations that I found could benefit from a usability test include the Northeast Animal Rescue  This website could use some tweeking in the sense that we can not tell what words are links or simply text, there is not a clear outline of where to go, and the site map link does not stand out very well.  Another non-profit website is Art-Reach this is a very useful and popular non-profit organization but could use help with the placement of links to different pages based on their imporatance as well as making the links stand out as opposed to just looking like standard text.  Philly AIDS Thrift was another website that caught my eye in needing some usability help. Their webside has a whole lot going on all at once when you originally get on the website, and instead of having more links to various categories, everything is out on the website together.


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