The synergy of the senses

I never realized how much you truly use your five senses in day to day life before analyzing the use of pictures and sound in a few of the videos made from Particularly “FIDDLE-ICIOUS”.  This is a story following musicians that play various instruments (one of course being the fiddle), and their journeys, feelings, and various personal experiences with their instrument of choice.

We as the listener/watcher would have received the message perfectly fine by simply listening, or even by just watching the scheme of pictures shown without sound.  What made this documentary phenomenal was the tasteful combination of the two.  Throughout almost the entire movie we hear the sound of the instrument that is being showcased with a voice over of the person who plays it.  During parts where what is being said is more important than hearing the instrument, it is silent with just the voice playing. 

The alignment of the pictures with the sounds and voices was fantastic.  The detail of the emotions shown in the pictures matched perfectly with the detail of the emotions heard in each particular person’s voice.  It was like we as the listener/viewer were right there with them at orchestra practice, and experiencing everything as they were.  I felt the fulfillment and pride the people being highlighted had in playing their instrument, and even though I have no musical ability, it made me want to play an instrument too.


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