Weird to think about…

So, we all hear multiple stories on a daily basis and we might not even realize it. Whether it be hearing about a friend’s exciting weekend, listening to a lecture in class, or even watching your favorite tv show, stories are an intricate part of daily life.  We  always hear and tell stories, but do you actually ever thin about the different aspects of a story besides raw content that make it great?

One of the two stories I listened to that I personally found to be wonderfully told, was “Hot Lunch”.  This was a radio story that highlighted an inside view of one high school’s lunch ladies.  The subject matter is not particularly one that people strive to hear and learn about, yet by the end of the story you are left feeling happy and inspired.  A similar story with similar subject matter, if not told correctly, could have been painful to listen to.

First we hear a constant background noise of the cafeteria during it’s busy hours.  This adds the effect of the listener actually there, experiencing the environment with the interviewer.  There is then an aspect of emotion.  They took any common emotion that one feels and connected it to the story they were trying to tell.  Although not everybody can normally relate to being a lunch lady, they can perhaps relate the emotions the lunch ladies felt to some aspect of their own lives.

Finally we are given outside review about the lunch ladies from students raving about how they do their job.  This reiterates the positivity and fulfillment not only the lunch ladies themselves get, but it also reinforces things previously stated to the listener.  There are many different types of stories one can tell, and many different ways they can tell it in.  This is a simple example of key elements of storytelling and examples of the execution of them.



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