With the world’s latest obsession with social media, it is almost impossible to have not had any interaction with some type of blog.  Blogs have been around ever since the Internet was created, and now they have transformed into changing the way people connect with one another in their daily lives.

I can make one, you can make one, your Aunt Sally from Idaho can make one, anybody can create a blog, and anybody can read them. Blogs are for the public, and meant for anyone’s eyes who are willing to read them. Blogging is an activity where we can freely exercise our right to freedom of speech. There are blogs about everything from fashion to robots to cookie recipes to simply a person’s everyday life. 

When people blog, it’s because they found something interesting or discovered something new, so most likely there are other people out there who feel the same way.  Their posts are simply stated, with their thoughts organized in a manner that is convenient for skimming.  There are short and to the point titles, and usually a simple photo to tie in with the article.

The wonderful thing that makes blogs so popular is the fact that there is no set structure that you must follow.  There are a few guidelines that may help make your blog successful, but at the end of the day you have the final say it what goes and what doesn’t.


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